Attract More Patients

The EmpowerChiro PPO Patient Referral Network means more patients. ALL EmpowerChiro plans have insurance reimbursement and most plans have little to no managed care paperwork. The EmpowerChiro PPO Network is accessed by millions of patients covered by some of the nation’s largest payers and insurance companies.

Direct Patient Access

The vast majority of EmpowerChiro plans are health insurance plans with direct access. In other words, there is generally no physician gatekeeper (PCP) referral needed.

Inclusion in Patient Directories

In addition to inclusion in the Provider Directories of our Health Plan Partners, your practice will be included in the following directories:

This directory allows potential patients to find your practice.

This website allows you to post your picture, bio, and additional information to help potential patients learn more about your practice.

Patients Motivated to Choose You

The EmpowerChiro PPO Patient Referral Network means patients! Patients generally receive financial incentives to select Empowerchiro Chiropractors such as lower copayments and/or deductibles.

Excellent Customer Service

EmpowerChiro Provider Relations personnel are always available to resolve any claims issues promptly by phone or email.

Minimal Paperwork

Since the EmpowerChiro network is a PPO, not an HMO, most plans require no extra paperwork – you simply file claims and are paid by insurance, as usual.

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