Our History

Family Health America, L.C. (FHA) has been in operation since 1996 and is one of the Nation’s largest, most respected chiropractic managed care companies. FHA’s chiropractic network, called EMPOWERChiro, includes approximately 8,000 Chiropractors providing care for more than five million members across the nation. The EmpowerChiro network is accessed by insurance companies, provider networks, and employers.

EmpowerChiro’s protocols and procedures were founded on the concepts and beliefs of one of its creators, Dr. Nelson Seidman, a licensed chiropractor in New York State who created Aetna Health Plan’s HMO/capitation program. Dr. Seidman believed that while chiropractic care is important in treating neuromuscular skeletal disorders like headaches, neck and backaches, chiropractic care should not be used for treating the full range of medical conditions. He viewed chiropractic care as a valuable supplement to MD-based care, not a substitute. Fortunately, this approach produces high quality chiropractic care with lower costs.